School Days
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When was the bill sent?

To whom was the bill sent?

What do you think these symbols meant? Here's a clue.

What do you think "Board" is? Hint: Poe lived at school all the time and ate with his classmates and teachers.

What do you think about the charge for a "Single bed"? Do you think it was an optional thing (perhaps some of the students shared beds) or do you think every student was charged for a single bed?

How much allowance did Poe receive? In 1818, a British pound was worth about $4.50, and there were 20 shillings in a pound. In dollars, about how much would his allowance be worth? How long did it have to last? How does this compare with your allowance?

Are you charged for your books at school? How about your paper and other supplies?

Based on this entry did Poe study French during this time?

What does this entry tell you about some of the things Poe did at school?

Why would Poe have gone to the shoemaker?How about the Hairdresser?

What kind of items might be included in a list of sundries?

What's an apothecary? Find out here. Why do you think there might have been a charge for this on the bill?

Want to see how much this bill would be in today's dollars? First, convert the English pounds to American dollars. Remember the year is 1818. Then, see how much this bill would be in 2001.

How long was Poe's vacation? How does that compare to your own winter holiday?

How does the cost of Poe's education compare to your own? Find out!

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