Rhyme Scheme Mini-Lesson

What is a rhyme scheme?

What is an internal rhyme scheme?

What is an external rhyme scheme?

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“The Raven”’s Rhymes

Let's see what you’ve learned. Below, you see Stanza 17 of “The Raven.” Using what you know about the two internal and one external rhyme schemes in this poem, see if you can identify where they occur in the stanza below.

The Rhyming Raven’s Challenge: Stanza 17
1. First, look for the internal rhyme schemes in the stanza above. In the box below, type in the two words that make up the internal rhyme in line 97.

2. Now for that other internal rhyme scheme. In the boxes, type the two numbers for the lines where the second internal rhyme happens.

3. The internal rhyme scheme is made up of 3 words. What are they? (Hint: Don't include punctuation in your answers!)

4. On to the external rhyme scheme. External rhyme schemes are made up of the last syllable of a certain word in each line. Which word is it?
A. The first word in each line.
B. The second word in each line.
C. The next-to-last word in each line.
D. The last word in each line.

5. Last one! “The Raven” has an ABCBBB external rhyme scheme. Next to the letters below, type in the words that these letters stand for. (Hint: Don't include punctuation in your answers!)