Knowing Poe: The Literature, Life and Times of Edgar Allan Poe... In Baltimore and Beyond

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Classroom Connections
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Poe Lesson Overviews

All About Poe (Student view)
How did the events in Poe's life influence what he wrote? What made him the kind of person -and writer-he was? Helping students find answers to questions like these is the focus of this activity. Using Knowing Poe's Interactive Timeline, they will collect facts and make connections to his life and writings to find out more about this enigmatic author.

Bells, Bells, and More Bells (Student view)
There's a great deal more to a poem than just its words-as you can help your students discover through this activity. They will use Knowing Poe's The Bells to discover how the melodic sounds and insistent rhythms of a poem's words add immensely to understanding and appreciating this art form.

Mad About Poe 1 (Student view)
"The Tell-Tale Heart" is a masterpiece in horror, to be sure. But, appreciating it at its most grotesque requires a full understanding of the story's literal meaning. This activity will help you introduce your students to a special graphic interface, which they can use to annotate the story, unlocking that meaning for themselves.

Mad About Poe 2 (Student view)
How do the events in Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" interact with each other? What is the figurative meaning they create in this linkage? This activity will help your students grapple with questions like these, using a special graphic interface to annotate the text.

The Noble Art of Poetry (Student view)
For many centuries, people have tried to define poetry. Edgar Allan Poe was no exception. In this activity, students will explore what Poe said about this art form to help them discover their own personal definition of poetry.

The Death of Me (Student view)
Some say it was rabies. Others label it "cooping." But the controversy still rages: just what did cause Poe's death? In this activity, students will investigate many theories-using primary and secondary sources-to form their own opinion.

Raven Review (Student view)
Edgar Allan Poe's poetry can make you shiver, tingle and shriek. He does this through the words he uses to evoke amazing images. In this activity, students will explore the power of Poe's poetry while focusing on new vocabulary.

Cartoons & Characterization (Student view)
We all adopt different points of view as we talk, read, write and listen. In this activity, students will have a chance to see how adopting different points of view can have an interesting effect on a story!

A Day in the Life (Student view)
What was a typical day in Poe's life like? In this activity, students will walk the streets of nineteenth century Baltimore to find out-summarizing their impressions in a journal entry.

The Black Cat (Student view)
What do the terrible events in "The Black Cat" say about the author's view of human experience? In this activity, students will use a special graphic interface to annotate this gruesome story, recording their personal reactions to what it says about people and the way they live their lives.

Distinctive Devices (Student view)
"Nevermore" will you question poets and their chosen techniques when writing a brilliant work of poetry. In this activity students learn to identify techniques known as poetic devices. Find out what cool and interesting techniques great poets use when creating a masterpiece.

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