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Knowing Poe
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Tips for Families
Materials on this site were developed for middle and high school students. If your children are younger, you might want to preview the site before they begin their online experience.
Some places on the site younger children might enjoy visiting include:
Always monitor your children when they are using the computer and the Internet. We have made the links from this site as safe and appropriate as possible. However, the Internet can be very beguiling to its users. Make sure the places they are visiting meet the criteria your family has established for Internet sites that are suitable to visit.
If your children are more comfortable with computing than you are, ask them to teach you about it, using this site as a technology learning lab. They will be happy to show off their skills — and you will undoubtedly learn a lot from the experience.

We know that families are always looking for ways to help their children along with their school activities. That's why we've provided these additional resources. Think of them as jumpstarts for a family project or outing. Time spent together is always important; time spent together focused on such an interesting author can help your children see how much you value what they are doing in school.

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