Knowing Poe: The Literature, Life and Times of Edgar Allan Poe... In Baltimore and Beyond

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The Poe Library
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Primary Source Documents
See a piece of Poe's casket, letters he wrote, and much more.

Poe's Works
Find a definitive listing of Poe's short stories and poems.

Poe's Baltimore Letters
What kinds of things were on Poe's mind during the years he lived in Baltimore. Read transcripts of his letters to find out.

Poe in the News
Poe's tales are no longer live just on the pages of some old books. They've recently been sighted -in song, movies, TV programs, and even the Internet.

Find out more about this phenomenon, and add your own stories about "Poe" sightings.

  • Poe in Your Life
    Poe's image and words live on today in many ways you might not have even imagined.
  • The Poe Toaster
    Every year on the anniversary of Poe's birthday, a mysterious man visits Poe's grave, leaving three roses and a half-full bottle of cognac as a tribute. What's the truth behind the legend of the "Poe Toaster"?
  • The Baltimore Ravens and How they Got Their Name
    How did a major National Football League team come to be named after one of Poe's most famous poems?

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