Knowing Poe: The Literature, Life and Times of Edgar Allan Poe... In Baltimore and Beyond

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Poe the Person
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An orphan at the age of two...

A schoolboy who had mastered even the most complex Latin works by the time he was a teenager...

An athletic student who defended his friends from the biggest bullies...

A man deeply connected with Baltimore...

One of America's finest writers...

These are all phrases that describe Edgar Allan Poe. And there are many more. Poe was a very complex person, and his life story was a complicated journey of forty years.

Explore some of its events and their implications through these activities.

Poe's Baltimore
What did Baltimore look like when Poe lived here? Find out in this activity.

203 N. Amity Street
A tour of the one of the Poe family's Baltimore homes

Interactive Timeline
Trace the intersection of events in American history and literature during the Poe years

It'll Be the Death of Me . . .
Why did Poe die? No one knows for sure. Can you unlock this mystery?

School Days
What was it like to go to school when Poe did?