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A letter Poe sent publishers that includes his short story "Epimanes"

[Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Joseph T. and Edwin Buckingham, May 4, 1833.]

Baltimore May 4th 1833

              I send you an original tale in hope of your accepting it for the N. E. Magazine. It is one of a number of similar pieces which I have contemplated publishing under the title of 'Eleven Tales of the Arabesque'. They are supposed to be read at table by the eleven members of a literary club, and are followed by the remarks of the company upon each. These remarks are intended as a burlesque upon criticism. In the whole, originality more than any thing else has been attempted. I have said this much with a view of offering you the entire M.S. If you like the specimen which I have sent I will forward the rest at your suggestion — but if you decide upon publishing all the tales, it would not be proper to print the one I now send until it can be printed in its place with the others. It is however optional with you either to accept them all, or publish 'Epimanes' and reject the rest — if indeed you do not reject them altogether.

Very resply,
Yr Obt St
Edgar Allan Poe
Messrs Buckingham.

Please reply by letter as I have few opportunities of seeing your Magazine.

[[Here appears the full text of Poe's short story "Epimanes."]]

[page 2: "Epimanes," continued]

[page 3: "Epimanes," continued]

[page 4:]

P.S. I am poor.

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